What Are The Benefits Of Joining Rain Nutrition?

Published: 26th October 2009
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Rain Nutrition LLC is a new company that registered its domain in May of 2009. This company offers two core products, both of which are energy beverages. Their principal products are Rain Soul and Rain Rush. Rain Soul is the initial product. This drink contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids, omega 3 & 6, and vitamin E. It also has a exclusive mix of black raspberry, black cumin, black chardonnay, and D-ribose, which supposedly helps with cell recovery. In addition, this product is believed to assist in heart, liver, diabetes, and kidney health. Soul is Rain Nutrition's flagship and more popular product.

Rain Nutrition's subsequent product is called Rain Rush and it is a high energy drink. Rain Nutrition product claims are that it will increase endurance and power. It will enable you to focus more and is capable of giving you more physical energy. The drink is 8.4 ounces, and is made to grab and go for those of us with very active lifestyles.

Rain Nutrition uses the network marketing business model. To sign up with Rain Nutrition costs under $200.00. With more than 500 distributors, you are considered a founder in the company and you will be starting at the top in the network marketing structure.

Once you sign up, you will be assigned and you are educated on the ways in which you can earn a six to seven figure earnings. But the marketing that is taught by Rain Nutrition uses several of the similar methods taught by most network marketing companies. Here is what you are taught:

First, to have a strong why, which I do believe is necessary for any business. Incentive being is that building a business is a lot of hard work. Administrating a business more or less guarantees that you will run into problems. As a business owner, it becomes necessary to obtain skills in solving problems. But, this also contributes to making you stronger and a better business person.

Basically, what Rain Nutrition asks you to do in order to get your business going is to create a list of family and friends, and talk to anybody else you encounter about your new business. For those of you who are good sells, this should be quite effortless. What this is implying is, if you are one of the individuals who can get on an elevator with 5 people and get off that elevator with at least 3 numbers, then making a list of contacts, family, friends, etc, should be no problem. But, for the rest of us, this is a problem.

Let's face it, nearly all people who spent a great deal of their lives working for someone else, by no means received any training in sells, or in building a business. Also, for the most part people would feel very uncomfortable chatting with someone concerning a business. It doesn't matter whether that person is a family, friend or otherwise. More than likely, that person will say no. In fact, utilizing the belly-to-belly marketing style will place numerous individuals in uncomfortable situations and will have you encountering more rejection than most people can tolerate. This is what I call the "weeding out" procedure. Many people will fail at this and in a brief amount of time, say 30-90 days, many will leave. But nobody tells you this up-front. No one tells you that building a business is going to be challenging. Instead, they sell you on your dreams and let you figure out the remainder yourself.

But, it does not have to be this hard and I am speaking from understanding. Yes, you will have to endure some uncomfortable situations, but only because you are learning new skills. Not many people like learning something new. Struggles are difficult for most people, but in order to grow, you must expand your mind and often this requires stepping past that area, we refer to as, our "comfort zone". But, if you don't mind using the computer and learning how to build a business, there exists internet marketing and training systems that can help you build a successful Rain Nutrition home business, help you create prospects and earn an income in a relatively succinct amount of time; in fact, 30-90 days. Using a system, you will overcome all of the reasons why most people fail in the network marketing industry. A system will also reduce the hardships of developing a business because you decrease the amount of rejections by using the web. You still will have to talk to people, mostly over the phone and even using the computer, but you won't have to hunt people down trying to get them sold on your opportunity or your products.

In fact, chasing friends and family, making a long list of contacts, cold calling, or purchasing leads is not what you should do to market your business and the products. The one thing you should be marketing is YOU. Why? Because you are the lone thing that distinguishes your business from all other network marketing businesses. There is only one of you. In addition, people don't like to be sold to and they don't buy from people they don't know. People buy from those individuals they know, like and trust. Thus, Rain Nutrition knows what they are talking about when they say talk to market to family and friends first. But you will find yourself very quickly going through that list will barely nothing to show for it other than maybe a few family members and friends displeased with you.

Marketing methods that you can use to successfully build your business comprise:

1. Using social network marketing sites like FaceBook, MySpace, and Twitter.

2. Learning press releases and articles.

3. Using video marketing.

4. Learning blogs

5. Using pay-per-click

6. Learning search engine optimization (SEO).

and much more....

These marketing strategies work and many internet marketing systems will train you using videos. Basically, you sit, watch and the put what you have been taught into action. You need to find the right system to train you on so that you can posture yourself as a leader and have other persons looking for you because you have something they want; your skills and knowledge. Now wouldn't this be a pleasant change. No more chasing. You are the one everyone is chasing after. Remember this,, "Systems Work! "

After other network marketers completed reading Lawren Smith's article written on Rain Nutrition, many decided, with hopes of achieving success in their businesses, to visit her site, Guide2MLMLeadsGeneration. When you visit the site, you will have the opportunity to gain access to $494 in training bonuses, without spending a dime.

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