Top Network Marketing, iLearningGlobal (iLG) Company Shutdown

Published: 19th March 2010
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The only way to determine this is to start from the beginning. Who Is iLearningGlobal or iLG?

ILearningGlobal is a fairly new network marketing company and it has had quite an impact in the MLM/network marketing industry. It is a community of individuals and professionals who deliver personal development and business training to its members 24/7. As a member of iLearningGlobal, you have access to speakers and trainers in high definition, full screen video , as well as audio programs, ebooks, live webcasts, and much more.

Members of promote the opportunity as independent marketers through direct referral, word of mouth, and networking. The iLG representatives sell subscriptions and generate a part of the residual profits from the company.

Founder Of iLG (iLearningGlobal):

Brian Tracy, who is a personal development speaker and writer and wanted to help people. He has had a successful reputation in sales and marketing, real estate, investments, and other business ventures. He decided to partner with a company whose goals were more then just profits and sales. He wanted the company to have a purpose and that purpose was to be in personal development.

What Caused the Shutdown?

iLearningGlobal officially shutdown on 3/17/2010. For many iLearningGlobal representatives, this was their primary business. Many of its members were devastated by the news. I went to its official website,, and there is no mention of a shutdown.

So, why the shutdown? The truth of the matter is, no one knows why the shutdown, other than the company owners. The only thing that is known is that there will be no more paychecks printed. I am sure those who are earning a steady income from iLG, didn't expect this. There were no signs or warnings. Rumor has it that the business model was the contributor towards its shutdown. The cost to be a member of was $180 per month. This was a tall order to fulfill for most people and not many are willing to pay that much for personal development. But, I am only speculating. I really don't know anything about the cause of the shutdown. I am sure that the truth will eventually come forward.

If you happen to be one of the individuals who was impacted by this news, I am so sorry that this happened to you. But, keep in mind, you are an entrepreneur and as entrepreneurs, we are capable of finding a solution to whatever problem is presented to us.

Solution For iLearningGlobal Reprentatives (iLG Reps):

There is a solution to your current predicament. If you are willing to be open minded and move forward, there is a company called Numis Network that is growing fast and furious. In fact, I happen to be on the number one team in Numis Network. The product we promote is money. Numis has a phenomenal duplication rate which has lead to the company's fast growth. I have never seen duplication like this and I have been a member of a number of MLMs and network marketing companies. People are staying because they are making money and making money quickly. For example, one way to generate income is to recruit. For every person you bring into your business, you will earn $100.00.

The company has a binary pay plan but you don't just earn off the weak leg, you also earn off the strong leg. In other words, you earn off both legs. To find out more about the payment plan, go to:

Why Market Money?

Do you have to ask? How many people do you think would like to get money each month? Do you know of anyone who would not, especially during these times? I don't. Look, think of it this way. If you put in a large order and they brought that order to your house in a very large truck, would you want that order to be juice, or vitamins or money? I would prefer that the order be money because even if I could not sell it all, I still have a garage full of money.

My advice is to first, don't give up. It is not the end of the world. Yes, mourn if you must, but GET UP and find a solution to your problem. Take a look at Numis Network and see if this is the company for you. Times are difficult I know but you are a winner, not a loser, so don't quit. Take control of the situation and move forward.

Lawren is a top-notch online marketer who has helped many with their online marketing. If you want to find out more about what she does visit: Here is How iLearningGlobal Members Rebound. Get started NOW with Numis Network at: ILearningGlobal Members Solution To Shutdown

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