Things You Need To Know Before Becoming An Avon Representative

Published: 30th October 2009
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Avon is believed to be one of the leading direct sells marketer of beauty products. They have over $6 billion in yearly revenues and avon markets to women in 143 countries. There are approximately four million independent representatives.

Avon has been in existence for a long time. A sales representative will earn an income if she is able to bring new reps into her business. The more a rep sells and the more volume created from her overall business, the more money she will make.

Each month, there is a specific quota that must be met in order to earn a commission.

In addition, there is a lot of work that is necessary in order to generate customers and business partners. Since most Avon reps use mostly offline methods, talking to friends and family is usually the principal thing taught to new sales reps. Additional marketing methods may incorporate putting out flyers, scheduling and inviting people to demonstrations, as perspective customers, to give a first hand look at the various products. This will also necessitate Avon sales reps to buy the abundant samples, cards, bags, and everything else an Avon customer expects from their sales rep.

There are a number of events and meetings that Avon representatives are invited to go to. The incentive behind such meetings is to help inspire reps to continue selling the Avon products and to spend money on new product lines. For most Avon reps, the general business model is one in which you pay out a lot more money than you make.

This seems to be the identical business model additional MLM's and network marketing companies apply. Most fail to construct marketing instruction into their business model. Not much money is spent on testing what marketing methods work and what doesn't work. If such a study was put together, the results could be used to share with new reps as effective methods to help build success in Avon. Regrettably, because this isn't done, many people who join, either Avon or some other MLM company, fail or quit due to frustrations and lack of results.

Overcoming Your Struggle In MLM

Such poor results in MLM has caused many home business entrepreneurs to seek other options to generating an income. Thus, the internet has become the primary vehicle by which many have decided to use to build a business. In truth, those in Avon or any other MLM could also use the internet to help create prospects and customers, as well as business partners, but again, skills are necessary if one is to create success, even on the web.

The internet is a great tool for developing a business because it allows an individual to come into contact with millions of people. No need to leave your home. Once you learn a number of online marketing methods that can be implemented to create leads, customers and business partners, you can generate an income very quickly.

There are many online trainings and marketing systems that will teach anyone in whichever business marketing. There are three fundamental factors to look for inside an online marketing system:

1. You need to learn how to generate leads

2. You need to learn how to build relationships with those leads

3. You need to learn how to market to those leads.

These three fundamentals are what is called to as "Attraction Marketing". Once you learn how to do three steps, you could be on your way to generating success in you Avon business. I say "could" because, like any home business, you need to first, learn the skills, then apply those skills to create results. In the beginning, you may not see anything happening and the reason is you are learning. To learn a task effectively, and to generate significant results from an action, requires practice. This means consistency in your efforts and over time, you should see the results you are looking for.

An additional advantage to an online marketing systems that it provides a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a way by which an individual can generate an income while at the same time, building a business. This is a very different concept from the typical business model presented by most MLM's and network marketing companies, where one remains broke and spends more money than earned.

Success can happen in any home business, that is if you are willing to learn new skills, invest in yourself by practicing those skills until you create results. Once these skills are in set, you can then use them frequently until you have the success you are looking for in your business. The truth of the matter is, your sucess in business is going to be created by you, not a MLM or network marketing company or even a marketing system. But, if you select the right marketing system and you put into practice what you are taught, success can be yours.

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