Nikken Business Review

Published: 27th November 2009
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General Information:

Nikken is a network marketing company that is focused on the health and wellness industry. Often, when the subject of the Nikken business opportunity comes of, someone will mention the 5 pillars of Health. What this is referring to are: Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society, and Finances.

Isamu Masuda is the founder of Nikken. His vision started with helping people who suffered from sore feet, and the fatigue that extends to the entire body. After a series of events, evolved the first Nikken product called Magstep.

After Magsteps, which was created in 1975, other products followed in 1978 by KenkoCreator, and in 1979 by the original KenkoPad, which led to the introduction of Kenko Sleep technology.

In 1989, Nikken opened its first North American offices. The Nikken business opportunity has been around for 30 years now and is celebrating 20 yeads in the United States.

Nikken Business Opportunity:

There are 3 ways to become a participant of Nikken. You can become a customer, a member, or a independent nikken consultant.

Customer: place an order to purchase one of the Nikken products through an Independent Nikken consultant. Once you have a Nikken account, you can place an order by yourself any time or contact your consultant for assistance.

Member: As a member of Nikken, you receive discounts on all product orders. You als get access to a monthly newsletter and your own account on the member web site.

Independent Nikken Consultant: You must first signup through a Nikken consultant, then submit an online form. Once you are approved, your next step is to decide how you want to start your business. You have four options.

1. Consultant receives:

* 20% discount on product purchases.

* Ability to earn up to 25% retail profit

* Nikken business success kit. Cost $35.00

* Potential to earn rebates, bonuses, and overrides.

* Advantages of owning a business of your own

2. Consultant with Starter Pack: cost $512.00

* You receive all of above, plus additional products and tools to get you started with your Nikken business.

3. Consultant with Builder Pack: cost $1672.00

* All of what consultant benefits and everything in the Starter pack), plus more products and tools.

4. Consultant with Professional Pack: cost $2790.00

* All of above (Consultant benefits and everything in the Builder Pack) plus

Basically, Nikken's business philosophy is as follows. First you invest in your own business by using the Nikken products. See how they work; how they improve your health and your family's health. Next you:

1 Share your product story with others.

2. If your prospects like what they hear, they get their own Nikken products through you.

3. Nikken distributes the products that are ordered to your new customer/consultant.

4. Nikken pays you according to the number of referrals you have made.

5. Then your new person duplicates you.

Nikken Products:

Some of the Nikken products include the following:

Advanced magnetic technology:

Elastomag wraps, functional jewlery, Kenko magnetic pads, kenko powerpatch, kenkoseat plus, magboy, magcreator, kidstrides, magsteps, magstrides, nikken magna-charger, selected kenko sleep system products.

There are also products that include negative ion technologoy, kenko sleep technology, magnetic biaxial rotation, RAM technology, far-infrared technology, aire wellness technology, PiMag Water technology, CarioStrides technology, Kenzen wellness organic-based nutrition, and true elements swiss organic skin care.

Nikken Compensation Plan:

There are six ways to make money in Nikken.

1. Retail profits

2. Wholesale profits

3. Residual Income

4. Tax Deductions/Benefits

5. Performance & Leadership bonuses

6. Incentive Programs that pay your car and your home.

There are a number of levels in the Nikken home business. Starting from lowest to highest is direct, senior, executive, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and royal diamond.

The Nikken compensation plan consists of a stairstep breakaway compensation plan, which can be very confusing to explain to a new distributor. One aspect of such a comp plan as this is that once a distributor achieves a certain level, they then breakaway from their personal sponsor. At this point, the sponsor will receive a small percentage of what the new distributor's group is selling. What this means is that if you choose to become a Nikken independent consultant, it will be necessary to recruit on a continuous basis or face having your checks decrease each month.

Nikken Training:

Nikken does offer training to its consultants. There is available online training through their Nikken University. You will learn how to use various online tools; such as live web camera to host your own web meetings.

They also provide conference calls that will teach you how to recruit and retail .

They also have business trainings that can be downloaded onto your mp3 player as well as in pdf formats. Here you will learn how to approach new people, how to invite them to partner with you, and how to conduct effective one-on-one meetings, and much more.

They have training coaches and events that provide additional trainings for those who are interested.


Overall, I think that Nikken business model is one that can generate a lucrative business to anyone who is seriously interested in building a successful business. It will take work, as any business does, but much of the marketing that is taught is primarily offline.

It is the Nikken training that I don't agree with because, again, many people will not want to or acquire skills in offline marketing. Of those that do, many of them will not have the aptitude to learn the offline marketing. This is not to say they are stupid by no means. It is just that offline marketing is not for everyone. Why not give your members more choices as to how they want to do their marketing. There are many ways one can use the internet to market their Nikken business. Nikken does have online training, but unfortunately, they do not teach online marketing. Instead their online training teaches you how to use offline marketing and it teaches you how to connect with those using a tool to hold meetings with individuals you connected with using primarily offline marketing.

Why not use the online training to teach online marketing. Teach new Nikken consultants how to use press releases, articles, videos, social networking sites and more. These are effective marketing methods that can be used to market Nikken. For those interested, look for online marketing resources that will teach you skills in applying online marketing strategies. There are many to choose from.

In addition, most of these online training resources utilize what is often referred to as a funded proposal system. A funded proposal system is a way that you get paid by the various affiliate programs provided, even if no one joins your opportunity, you still can make money. The truth is, 97% of the people you share your products and opportunity with will say no; no matter what kind of marketing you engage in; offline or online, so why not learn how to monetize those who say no to your opportunity. Overall, this will help you with your bottom line because if your business partners are making money and generating prospects to share their products and opportunity with, this means they are more likely to stay in business with you.

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