Can One Sincerely Make Money In The CieAura Opportunity?

Published: 05th January 2010
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In this CierAura review, I will try and give a brief overview of the CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips, which is the real name of the company. I see many have strong opinions as to the success of CieAura. I will not discuss the success or failure of the company. My focus is just on whether the company has what its members needs in order for them to be successful. After all, CierAura's success is going to be based on the success of others.

The business of CieAura is your typical direct sales or multi-level marketing company. They have products that their distributors market, which allows them to generate an income. Also, as a CieAura distributor, you cannot recruit other distributors into business with you.

CieAura Products: Actually, CieAura has about three products. All of the products are chips shaped like a pyramid but address different issues in the body.

The first product is called "PureEnergy" or "CieAura Transparent Holographic Energy Chips". These chips provide holistic, healthy alternative to the current energy products by providing instant energy without the added calories. Is is like you are using an acupuncture procedure is to use one certain acupuncture points, which are the Transparent Holographic Chips to focus on the body and increase energy and stamina. They also promote weight loss because they remind the body to break down stored carbohydrates, or fat, to product energy.

The next prouduct is called "PureRelief" or "CieAura Holistic Pain Chips". These chips can be embedded with a variety of vibrations. These vibrations are not active until placed near a body. One placed near a body's surface, the imbedded vibrations in the chip activate and interact with the body's vibrations. An example of this would be to look at this as a piano tuner using a tuning fork to tune a piano. The result of these pain chips lasts 2 days.

CieAura's last product is called "RestQuiet" or "CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips". The result from using this product is it provides a safe, new approach to getting a peaceful night's sleep. No pill is taken so there should be no side effects of a sleeping.

CieAura Opportunity:

There is no selling or recruiting, what you get for the price of $39.00 is a virtual store that sells the products worldwide. I watched the video and they said no recruiting but you can refer people to the business and get paid, but there is no mention of building a downline of any sort. Also, the selling is done from your website. You don't have to go out and do the selling.

CieAura Compensation Plan:

The compensation plan includes the following:

1. Override commissions

2. Global Bonus Pool

3. Retail sales

4. Company sales, even for new distributors.

As your business grows, you will be given a car allowance as well as a health and life insurance. You will also get an expense account.

CieAura Training:

CieAura does hold weekly training webinars and calls, and they do have a large presence on the internet. They also advertise in international newspapers. But, what kind of training are their members getting. I hope that they are teaching them to market their websites because just having a website that is on the internet is not going to work. You have to learn how to attract people to your website and this is going to require marketing skills.

It also sounds as if the members are given a replicated website. The truth of the matter is, replicated websites do not work. It would be better to give the members access to templates and let them dress up the websites however they want; videos pictures or even write their own content because this will give each member the ability to market themselves. You see, having a replicated website does not set you apart for all of the other CieAura members. Marketing the company and it's products is the wrong approach to building a business. You should be marketing you because there is only one of you and people join a business opportunity or buy your products because of you, not because of the company and the products. I know when I learned this, it opened my eyes to a lot of things where I had been deceived and taught incorrectly by these companies. Currently, I know how to properly market my products and my business opportunity and I am getting results.


Having marketing skills is crucial to one's business. Without them, you are destined to fail. Most MLM companies know this yet still they do nothing, but this is not to say that you should quit or give up. What I would suggest you do instead, at least those who have either joined CieAura or are considering joining CieAura, is to look for other training or marketing resources. There are plenty of them out there and yes they do cost money, but most of them don't cost very much. With the skills you gain, you can then use them to build any business, not just CieAura.

I realize the CieAura is fairly new and maybe they are currently working on some other aspects of the CieAura business, but don't wait. If you feel that you need more skills, based on your results in your CieAura business, seek other means to getting the right training so that you can succeed in CieAura or whatever business opportunity. As an entrepreneur, we are problem solvers and we don't give up. Focus on finding a solution to your problems, and there will be many of them, and make a plan on how you are going to overcome any particular obstacle that comes your way. Once you do this and start to adapt to the ways of an entrepreneur, there is no doubt, that in time, you will have all the money and the lifestyle you ever dreamed, but first you must get to work and make some sacrifices.

Lawren Smith is founder and creator of Quest4Success Marketing, LLC, where online entrepreneurs can learn proven marketing strategies and cutting edge techniques to grow their business. You can find out more about her and what she does by visiting: blog or visit:

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