6 Methods To Generate Website Traffic

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Published: 08th October 2012
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It's an objective of everyone to generate overwhelming amount of web site traffic. High traffic generated create a higher chance of a targeted visitor having an intent of availing services and products offering you the best opportunity to earn from your website. Here are 6 Ways to Generate Website Traffic within a given period of time.

Tip #1; Use easy to rank keywords through your Blogs

Create a blog section on your site. This can immensely benefit your business site in quite a number of ways including building a website audience. The usage of target, easy to rank keywords for instance in your blog titles, is an efficient strategy to generate traffic to your site. Long tail rank keywords put your blog posts on top of a search engine's results page (SERP) further improving them through an offline page optimization link building. Naturally, blogs rank on their own based on their topical relevance as seen by the search engines. Using low competition keywords puts your page on top of SERPs; thus, increasing traffic to your site.

Tip #2; Target more than 2 keywords for each page on your website

Blogging or creation of a page with intent of ranking more than 2 keywords is a smart move to allow your website to draw much audience along the process. For instance, if your site has 10 Blogs or pages and let's say each page is targeting 3 keywords, this will give you a total of 30 different keywords; hence, giving your site constant traffic within a short period of time, like a month. This strategy can be implemented by combining keywords on your blog or page and a URL.

Tip #3 Follow on Blog commenting

Promote your site using blogs that allow you to follow on attributed links to the comments on blogs sharing one theme. This can prove to be quite an effective way to promote your website as well as improving your keyword rankings on SERP.

This technique is advantageous in a manner that it takes your campaign further and allows you to achieve better relationships with other bloggers related to your niche. This enhances networking with other bloggers, considered extremely beneficial for one to gain high value link placement. Leaving comments that bear your keywords helps to improve your rankings, particularly if your page links have a do-follow attributes.

Tip #4; Allow guest Blog posting

While choosing topics for guest posting, choose topics that are about the keywords you are targeting. Guest blogging has been known to really be an advantageous method for link building. It benefits the website in terms of acquiring relevant traffic and high quality links. This can be the most effective way to get the most out of this technique.

Links built through guest blog posting are able to build up through an auto bio which will have high scores based on keyword relevance and keyword density. The best guest blog with high rankings add a lot of traffic to your site.

Tip #5; Participate in forums

Participation in High PR and high traffic forum sites can be a good start for any site marketing campaign. The best way to benefit from forum posting is to establish a knowledgeable image on this channel and not focusing on just building links through your signature. Such self-establishments and genuine participation on forum sites encourage community participation. This can bring you interested clients and target clients within a short period of time. Traffic obtained via this technique cost very little and can be achieved in 1 or 2 forum authorities.

Tip #6 Article submissions and converting your articles

Submitting an exceptionally written article to trusted article directories can enhance its chance of being used by other sites seeking quality content post. This gives you more extra links and more traffic. Proven worth over the past decade, link building is ranked the most effective way to generate website traffic. Marketing of articles capable of building solid links as long the content is natural, solid and informative.

There is more to this method of traditional marketing of articles than just link building. Conversion of your articles to other readable formats; such as, podcasts, PDF and PowerPoint slides can be done as well. These formats can have higher chances of ranking. However, it must be done prior to submitting the articles to respective article directories; hence, helping to generate website traffic in the shortest time possible.

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